While our state is one of the flattest states in the country, we did manage to sneak in one or two waterfalls in Louisiana among the bayous. The entire road trip would take about four hours, so why not make a weekend road trip out of it? We’ve included the waterfalls you need to see plus a place to stay and a place to eat. The perfect weekend! Looking for “waterfalls near me?” If so, this is the place! Check it out:

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Waterfalls Near Me

What are some of the best waterfall hikes in Louisiana?  

Louisiana is a gorgeous state, though there really aren’t a whole lot of waterfall trails to choose from during most of the year. We have two favorite waterfall hikes in Louisiana that are worthy of doing:

Which hiking trails with waterfalls in Louisiana should I add to my bucket list?  

  • Clark Creek Natural Area
  • Woodriff Falls

Well, the two listed above, for sure! Head to the Clark Creek Natural Area, where there are numerous small waterfalls waiting to be explored (depending on the season and rainfall amounts, anyway). Hiking around the Clark Creek Natural Area will reveal up to 50 conditional waterfalls, all relatively small and low-key, but gorgeous, nevertheless. Or head to West Feliciana County and seek out Woodriff Falls, which, when it’s roaring, tumbles from an overhang, resulting in the ability to walk up behind it, if you want. We have several favorite hiking trails with waterfalls in Louisiana, and it’s hard to narrow it down – but hopefully, all these ideas give you some inspiration!  

How many waterfalls in Louisiana are there?  

Though an exact number is not known, it is known that there are a few waterfalls in Louisiana (and its general vicinity), given of course that we’ve had good rain and the water is flowing. Most of the Louisiana waterfalls we know and love are seasonal and conditional, meaning they only appear during some seasons (usually spring and summer) and only when there’s enough water flowing to do so. The largest waterfall in Louisiana is Rock Falls, which is said to be up to 17 feet tall when it’s flowing.  

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