These Unique Houses In Kentucky Will Make You Look Twice… And Want To Go In

Architecture can truly be fascinating to look at, especially when it comes to old buildings. When building a home a few centuries ago, people took great pride in the originality of their work. Intricate concrete sculptures were made around windows, doors, and on corners. Some even had gargoyles built along their rooftops to watch over and protect their homes. Here are some unique houses in Kentucky that will make you want to take a closer look:

Just doing a little architecture gazing can really be interesting in the Bluegrass State. There has been such a unique mix of individuality spread across Kentucky that some truly original homes have been created. These are just a few that deserve notice, but there are plenty of others. Please feel free to post about your favorite unique houses in Kentucky in our comment section below!

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Unique houses in Kentucky

September 29, 2022

What’s the weirdest house in Kentucky?

The above list of unique houses in Kentucky touches on one of our favorites: the weird and wonderful Futuro House. For as old-fashioned and Southern as Kentucky is, the Bluegrass has a quirky side, too. Paranormal museums, bizarre legends, massive roadside attractions … Kentucky has quite the weird side! For further proof of this, simply head to Covington. Hovering above this historic river town in northern Kentucky, there is a massive flying saucer and it’s been there for decades. The Futuro House, or “spaceship house” as it’s commonly referred to, has been part of the Kentucky landscape since the 1980s. The Futuro House, or simply “Futuro” as it’s called, is a round, prefabricated plastic house designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. He designed these domelike dwellings to be portable ski chalets. Less than 100 Futuro homes were built during the late 1960s and early 1970s, making them rare relics from another time. It’s delightfully quirky and seems to be smiling. While the house is private property, it’s visible from the road and a favorite spot for curious folks to visit and delight in!

What’s the most famous house in Kentucky?

That’s easy: My Old Kentucky Home is a quintessential Bluegrass State experience. A designated Kentucky State Park, this Civil War-era mansion and its immaculate grounds served as the inspiration for Stephen Collins Foster’s famous song, “My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night!” — and we guarantee it will inspire you, too. Of course, My Old Kentucky Home is just one of many historic homes in Bardstown; this winsome town is also home to the oldest bourbon bar in the world that just so happens to be an inn you can spend the night in, too!