After 50 Years As A BBQ Diner, Slim’s Frenchtown Mercantile Is Now A Charming Shop In Kentucky

There has likely been a time when you’ve driven past a former restaurant or hangout spot that has since been turned into something quite different, or even worse, has been torn down. This happens all over Kentucky as time marches on, but there are many people in our state who work hard to find a new life for these once-loved destinations. In the lovely city of Paducah, you’ll find a local shop in Kentucky that has been transformed into something new, but still holds on to every bit of its charming past. After decades of operating as a BBQ diner, Slim’s Frenchtown Mercantile is now open and is a must-see spot in Paducah.

Slim’s Frenchtown Mercantile is a local shop in Kentucky that has been brought back to life, while narrowly avoiding being gone forever. Thanks to a Paducah family who obviously has a passion for saving these historic buildings, the city and anyone who visits has yet another place to browse and shop for unique and memorable items. Have you been to the Frenchtown area of Paducah? Did you eat a BBQ sandwich at Slim’s? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments!

For more information on Slim’s Frenchtown Mercantile, visit its website and follow along on Facebook.

And when you visit, be sure to walk over to adjacent Frenchtown Station and start by reading more about this former gas station and its transformation.

Address: 125 N 11th St, Paducah, KY 42001, USA