11 Scrumptious Restaurants In Kentucky You Never Even Knew Existed

There seem to be so many amazing restaurants in Kentucky that we could feature a new one each day of the year. We know how to eat well in the Bluegrass State and our favorites spots are definitely those hidden gems that remind us of an old recipe, or a simpler time, or even our childhood. Some of these local favorites have become quite popular across the state, and then there are those that quietly shine and just continue doing what they do best — serving up great food. We’ve rounded up 11 of the most scrumptious restaurants in Kentucky, and unless you grew up in these towns, chances are, you never knew they existed.

We have endless choices for good food in Kentucky and now you have 11 more scrumptious spots to add to your growing list of favorites. How many of these have you tried? Did your local favorite make the list? Which ones should we try out next? We’d love to know!

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