KFC’s Original Fried Chicken Was Invented Here In Kentucky, And You Can Grab A Bucket From The Harlan Sanders Cafe In Corbin, Kentucky

There’s nothing like Kentucky Fried Chicken — and yes, we’re talking about *the* Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because while you may know the ubiquitous, finger-lickin’ poultry as your go-to dinner spot or road trip treat, this culinary legend got its start in Corbin, Kentucky, decades ago. KFC’s original fried chicken recipe was invented in a humble kitchen in Central Kentucky, and while the restaurant has since been franchised and exists all across the country, you can grab a bucket of the good stuff from the *original* Kentucky Fried Chicken in Corbin.

Have you been to the Harlan Sanders Cafe & Museum before? Enjoying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken from the place it all began is most definitely a bucket (of fried chicken)-list accomplishment.

Can’t get enough of the Colonel’s tasty, top-secret recipe? You’ll be surrounded by fried chicken greatness (and Colonel lookalikes!) at the annual World Chicken Festival!

Address: Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum, 688 US-25W, Corbin, KY 40701, USA