Here Are The Top 11 Christmas Towns In Kentucky, They’re Magical

Catching the holiday spirit in Kentucky is easier for some then it is for others. Fortunately, some festive functions will quickly sway those spirits. There are cities and towns in Kentucky which are recognized for their friendly attitudes and twinkling lights. These specific places do their best to spread the holiday cheer and bring about some of the true reasons for the season.

Here are 11 Kentucky towns where Christmas is magical:

1. Light Up Bardstown, 2015.
Not only was Bardstown voted one of the most beautiful towns in the country, it is also the most festive. The Light Up Bardstown festival has turned every street and almost every shop into a sparkling array of lights, candy canes, Christmas trees and holiday spirit.

We all have our own way of celebrating the holidays, and Christmas is a truly special time of year. These Kentucky towns make the most of the holiday by involving the residents and trying to build a festive spirit. If not one of the above, what type of Christmas celebration does your community have?