Hidden in Barren County, Kentucky, this bizarre Wild West attraction has a troubled history of financial problems, safety hazards, and intentionally creepy clowns.

Read on to learn more about this ghoulish, abandoned theme park.

Funtown Mountain originally opened in 1969 as the Guntown Mountain amusement park.

It embraced a cheesy Wild West theme, and included zany gift shops, an indoor mini golf course, haunted attractions and a chair lift.

In 2015, this aging attraction was reopened as Funtown Mountain. But the fun didn’t last.

The new park was marketed as “wickedly weird,” and a horrifying clown mascot was presented as the face of Funtown Mountain. It looks undeniably bloodthirsty.

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The clown was inspired by a real clown bust that Russell acquired from a different amusement park.

The owner soon ran into serious financial problems, and began to miss loan payments. City inspectors deemed parts of the attraction unsafe for visitors.

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Doors and windows were left broken, and some sections of the park even had no electricity due to unpaid bills.

After operating for only three months, Funtown Mountain once again fell silent.

Today, the original attractions are gathering dust and rust.

Funtown Mountain was finally sold at auction in April of 2016. Repairs to the decaying park are estimated to eventually cost a whopping $5 million.

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So what’s next for this strange amusement park? The new owners are planning to open yet another family attraction on the site: Mammoth Cave Mountain.

Hopefully, this new venture can escape the curse of Funtown Mountain.

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