10 Must-Visit Flea Markets In Kentucky Where You’ll Find Awesome Stuff

Shopping can be a joy or a chore, especially if you happen to be looking for something vintage or unique. There are some great buys one just cannot locate in the average, run of the mill department store, like Walmart. Perhaps you want to find a blue bowl like Grandmas, a vintage walking stick, a name brand knock off, or some underpriced electronics. In situations like that a department store just won’t do, but a flea market will, and Kentucky has some of the best in the US.

Here are 10 fantastic flea markets in the Bluegrass State:

Flea markets are a versatile shopper’s paradise. It is almost impossible to guess exactly what will be found, you just have to go. People buy, sell, and trade and running across underpriced antiques, and other goods, is not uncommon. In some cases, people just want to get rid of some old family heirlooms that have been taking up attic space. You can find a list of “most” Kentucky flea markets here. Please feel free to comment and tell us about your favored markets, especially if they are not on the list.

*Please note, each flea market listed, including location, is on the link provided.*