Visit America’s First Needle Dam Along The Big Sandy River In Kentucky

There is evidence of Kentucky’s past all over the state, you just have to know where to look for it. At times it is obvious as you tour a historic home or spend the night in a century-old hotel, but you may not be aware of some of the historic features that can be found throughout nature. In the small town of Louisa in Eastern Kentucky, the Big Sandy River has long been an important part of the area. In the 1800s, it was crucial to the livelihood of the people who lived there and thankfully, it was home to the first needle dam in America.

Take a look at this historic site today in this short video.

Kentucky is home to many firsts, including the first needle dam in America. It may not mean much now, but another generation thrived thanks to the creation of this engineering marvel and you can still see evidence of it today. Were you aware of this historic spot in Kentucky? What’s your favorite little known fact about the Bluegrass State? Let us know in the comments!

Special thanks to Sabrina May from Highways & Handlebars Photography for sharing valuable information and these beautiful photos. See more of her work on her Facebook page.

And while you’re in Louisa, be sure to stop by this legendary “drive inn” in Eastern Kentucky.

Address: Louisa, KY 41230, USA