You’re Guaranteed To Love A Trip To This Epic Cheese Farm In Kentucky

It’s an undeniable fact that cheese is awesome. It’s so versatile. You can put it on pizzas, burgers, tacos, pasta, or just eat it on its own. There are so many different kinds of cheese, too. Whether you’re a fan of sharp cheddars or ooey gooey brie, a cheese out there exists that you will love. Lucky for us in Kentucky, we’re an agricultural state, so we have a lot of farmers who produce and sell their own delicious cheeses. However, if you visit Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese is Austin, KY, you’re going to be in love.

This video by the Kentucky Farm Bureau gives us a more behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day operations at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, and will definitely make you want to drop everything and go there right now.

To find out more about Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, or to place an online order, visit their website.