What This Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned Kentucky Distillery Is Truly Grim

Every state has its share of abandoned properties, but some are more grim than others. Take for instance a place that was once a grand facility, gaining renown for its product and parties, now laying vacant and in shambles. Such is the case with quite a few hospitals, factories and even abandoned distilleries in Kentucky.

One such place is the Old Taylor Distillery, founded in 1887 by E.H Taylor Jr., who was the nephew of the renowned President Zachary Taylor. E.H. was an orphan who turned his life around with the whiskey he brewed to entertain wealthy celebrities and politicians. He even gained enough fame to become the mayor of Frankfort.

Old Taylor Distillery

The beautifully designed spring house shown in the video was the brainchild of Taylor, who utilized the area for parties. Some of the buildings have only a few walls, others are intact. The facility was built to last and last it has. The rust and vines growing up the walls show the lack of use over the decades. They had tours of the old facility till the 1970s, though people still visit the grounds.

Parts of this property are currently under renovation, so perhaps some future good can come of this abandoned distillery in Kentucky. Some of the architecture is just too incredible to go to waste. As it stands in this drone footage, the entire place was creepy, yet cool. The degradation of our old mansions and buildings of this magnitude is truly a grim part of our state’s history. We hope to see more properties like this revived in the future.

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