This Cave In Kentucky Has A Dark History That’s Incredible, And Bizarre

Mammoth Cave is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and a giant tomb for some. The history of this natural wonder is incredible, and a bit creepy. Researchers have dated remains found in different parts of the cave back over thousands of years, from ancient Indians to pioneer explorers. It’s full of wonder, and like any good story, history and tragedy.

Today, people travel from all around the world to go on tours and investigate the miles of connected cave systems. The area itself is so vast, explorers are certain there’s yet more to be discovered, and likely more bones and relics. This massive chain of caverns, pits, crawlspaces, and limestone springs holds a lot of Kentucky history within its stone walls. It’s an eerily magical place to visit all year round. Have you ever been to Mammoth Cave?

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