What’s Hidden Underground In This Museum In Kansas Is Unexpected But Awesome

Sure, you’ve heard about Strataca and know that it is one of the only salt mines in the U.S. that allows visitors… but did you know that it also houses an incredible collection of some of Hollywood’s most prized screenplays, film reels and memorabilia?

How did this underground collection come to be? Because of the location’s consistent temperatures and humidity, Underground Vaults & Storage purchased 26-acres worth of secured space from the Hutchinson Salt Company, and stores everything from important medical records to government charts to precious film memorabilia from some of Hollywood’s most beloved films. Since most of the collection is inaccessible to visitors, Underground Vaults & Storage set up a special collection for the public, which includes:

If this movie memorabilia is all on display for the public to see, what’s hiding within the secured area? For starters, they have the original film negatives for The Wizard of Oz, Ben Hur, and Gone with the Wind

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