Feast On Delicious Fast Food At This Unassuming But Amazing Roadside Stop In Kansas

The Sunflower State has no shortage of beautiful restaurants that look every bit as gorgeous as the food is delicious. You know the kind: elegant decor, dim lighting, formally-dressed waiters. But we’ve also got plenty of great hole-in-the wall restaurants in Kansas that look entirely unassuming and you’d never suspect what tasty food is hiding within. One of our favorites is Tri-Mee Drive In in Fredonia. This little spot is barely more than a shack, with a simple walk-up window and a few picnic tables outside, but you’ll find some of the best fast food in Kansas here!

Note that Tri-Mee Drive-In only accepts cash or checks as payments, so make sure to hit up the ATM before visiting if you’re typically a card user!

For more information about Tri-Mee Drive-In, check out the restaurant’s Facebook.

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Address: Tri-Mee Drive-In & Catering, 1017 Washington St, Fredonia, KS 66736, USA