Why Everyone In Kansas Should Visit This One Tiny Town

If you live in (or have ever visited) Kansas, you know that it is chock-full of small, historic towns that make it special and unique. One of these small and charming towns, with a population of only 3,500, is Lindsborg (Little Sweden, USA).

Named for three men who held prominent positions in a Chicago organization of Swedish farmers, Lindsborg was settled in the spring of 1869 by a group of immigrants from the Värmland province of Sweden. Today, only 30% of the town’s population is made up of Swedish decedents, but the town continues to carry on the traditions of generations past. Just what makes Little Sweden, USA so charming?

Several homes, businesses and restaurants around Lindsborg showcase northern European architecture styles in eye-catching pastels. In addition to the colorful structures, the streets of Lindsborg are occupied by Wild Dala Horses, a traditional Swedish handicraft carved and painted to honor Lindsborg and its rich heritage.

The arts in Lindsborg don’t end with the Wild Dala Horses! In fact, Lindsborg is home to 60 working artists and nine studios/galleries that feature mediums including paintings, sculptures and pottery. If you’re looking to delve more into the arts and Swedish culture, you will definitely want to check out…

…one of the many festivals celebrating both Swedish and American heritage! Do you want to immerse yourself in the Swedish culture? Attend the biennial Svensk Hyllningsfest, which features authentic music, crafts and live entertainment. Are you a fan of beautiful blooms? Then you may want to check out the annual Lindsborg in Bloom festival! Heck, do you just want to eat chocolate and/or waffles? Lindsborg has designated celebrations for these, too!

Can I let you in on a little secret? That special someone in your life doesn’t want a generic, big box store gift this Christmas…They want a fun and unexpected treasure from one of the many Lindsborg retailers! Stroll through downtown to discover a variety of beautiful boutiques and retailers that you won’t find anywhere else.

If nothing I have said has convinced you to visit Lindsborg, at least go for the food. Oh my goodness, the food…traditional Swedish pastries, meats and desserts…YUM! Lindsborg offers restaurant choices for every palate, but you have to promise me you’ll try something new!

Want to know even more about Lindsborg? Watch this:

What is your favorite thing to do in Lindsborg? Do you have the pleasure of calling this charming town your home? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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