The Breathtaking Prairie In Kansas Where You Can Watch Wild Horses Roam

Somewhere within the prairie of Kansas, there’s an area where you can watch wild horses that roam the land free, just as they were meant to be.

They don’t get any special treatments (like a veterinarian), only supplemental feedings when they need it, and plenty of space to run. Horses of all ages, breed, and colors were moved here from the west to make sure they have a better life, where overcrowding and starvation aren’t a problem. So, the Flint Hills has become their home, where they are watched over by a couple local ranches. Who brought them here? The Bureau of Land Management herded and captured these wild horses in the west to come live here, where they are held until they pass of their own accord.

For now, they roam free in the Flint Hills, which sounds wonderful. Wouldn’t you love to live every day in the Flint Hills?

Check out this video of a supplemental feeding and see just how many are up close to view!

In addition to these gorgeous feral horses, why not check out the thousands of pelicans flocking to Kansas right now?

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