You Can Now Tour The Remnants Of A Lost City Hidden In Kansas History

It’s been almost a year since an archaeologist discovered the lost city of Etzanoa, and we were very excited to share it with you. We love learning more about Kansas’ history, and new areas offering tours is always exciting news. Now, we can see for ourselves what used to be.

The lost city of Etzanoa is centered near what is now Arkansas City, and has been confirmed as the location where the ancestors of today’s Wichita Nation once settled. It’s thought to be the location of around 20,000 Plains Indians, originally recorded by Spanish explorers in 1602. Those explorers documented a city with over 2,000 houses that could hold up to 10 people each. It allegedly spanned both sides of the river, and the estimated area of it was huge compared to the evidence we previously found.

Tours are offered by Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum for $10, and you can find more information about them at their website here. Happy trails!

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