The Story Behind This Ghost Town Cemetery In Kansas Will Chill You To The Bone

Are you itching for a good fright? Looking for somewhere to scare you at night? If you’re looking for a creepy place and don’t mind calling to make sure you’re allowed to be there, you should check out this ghost town cemetery in the middle of nowhere. It’s definitely a spooky place.

Note: We do not condone any trespassing or vandalism at this site. Be respectful, and always ask permission before you visit. The local police take trespassing very seriously.

Stull itself is located between Topeka and Lawrence, with not a lot of markers around it. Nevertheless, feel free to use this map to help you find it if you’re planning on a quick drive-through.

If you’re discouraged by the “keep out” signs and don’t want to intrude on this ghost town, why not check out these other places in Kansas where you can get a good scare?

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