The Kansas Superstition That Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2017

Has anyone else noticed that 2016 was sort of a bum year? Between a crazy election season and the death of essentially every celebrity on earth, it was a bit of a downer… that being said, let’s all meet down at this famous Wichita-area attraction to assure that things will turn around for 2017!

Located on K-96 between the Bentley and Maize Road exits, the Lucky Tree (or Honking Tree) has been standing proudly over the prairie for more than 100 years! What makes it lucky? We aren’t quite sure how the giant cottonwood gained its powers, but we know that whenever you drive by, honk, and make a wish, your wish may just come true! (Don’t doubt me on this one!) If you don’t honk? Well… people have made claims of teams losing important games, car accidents, and other disastrous fates that could have been avoided had they quickly beeped their horn.

What do you think? Meet you at the tree on New Years Eve?

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