The History Of Tornadoes In Kansas Will Shock You

As Kansans (and essentially the entire Midwest) are aware, tornadoes have been a hot topic the last week:

Since L. Frank Baum penned the story of Kansas’s most infamous (yet fictional) tornado in The Wizard of Oz, the Sunflower State has been known for its large, sometimes deadly storms. Is this reputation justified? Thanks to Tornado History Project, we can take a better look at Kansas tornadoes over the past 65 years and see just how we stack up to other states.

What do these numbers mean? Does Kansas have the most tornadoes of all 50 states? According to the Tornado Project, the answer is no. When it comes to the total number of tornadoes, Kansas comes in at #4 (behind Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida) and again at #5 for annual tornadoes per 10,000 square miles. In terms of deaths per 10,000 square miles and number of killer tornadoes, the Sunflower State doesn’t even make the top 10.

What do you make of these statistics? And how many of these storms do you remember?