The Home Cooked Goodness At This Kansas Farmhouse Restaurant Will Sooth Your Soul

Some days you want oven-fired pizzas and fancy fish tacos. Other days, you want a meal like what your family would cook for you after school or over the weekend. This Kansas farmhouse restaurant is a place where you can enjoy quite a few home-cooked meals at your leisure, with no dishes to clean up afterwards. Have you dined at this comforting restaurant before?

Address: 407 S Van Buren Street, Abilene, KS 67410

What other restaurants in this area would you recommend to out of town travelers? While Abilene is a great town to explore, we know many of our readers like a few reasons to visit somewhere before they travel hours to get there. In addition to this amazing restaurant, check out all of these antique stores that make Abilene heaven for any antique lovers.