You May Be Surprised To Learn These 11 Famous People Are From Kansas

Kansas is known for producing a lot of great things, like food (remember to thank a Kansas farmer if you ate today!), college sports teams, and helium. But did you know the Sunflower State has also produced some pretty recognizable faces? Here are 11 famous people from Kansas that you may not have known about.

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Address: Kansas, USA
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Kansas Trivia

August 06, 2021

What are some fun facts about Kansas?

Helium was discovered here, way back in 1905 at the University of Kansas! The original Pizza Hut is right here in Wichita and is now a museum. This is a surprisingly interesting place: we know we have a reputation as a bit of a flyover state, but we’re actually pretty cool here!

What are some good museums in Kansas?

Kansas is loaded down with great museums. As mentioned above, we have the original Pizza Hut museum, plenty of historical museums, the Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame, the Eisenhower library and museum…there are so many we couldn’t even begin to name them all!

What are some great cities in Kansas?

If you’re looking to move, we’ve got a list of the dozen best places to live. Our largest city, Wichita, has only 400,000 people, so it’s a lot quieter than a lot of cities, but still has the benefits of big city life. If you did want somewhere that’s a small town in Kansas, we have plenty of those as well.

Address: Kansas, USA