Kansas Has A Grand Canyon And It’s Too Beautiful For Words

Everyone knows about (and travels to) the iconic Grand Canyon in Arizona… but did you know that Kansas is home to a few majestic canyons of its own? If a road trip to hot AZ just isn’t in your budget this summer, why not plan to instead visit Cheyenne County’s jaw dropping and unexpected Arikaree Breaks?

Named an “8 Wonders of Kansas” finalist, the Arikaree Breaks are badlands that feature a dramatic 2 1/2 mile break created by water some 10,000 years ago. (Since the soil — called Loess — has a tendency to erode, it formed the deep canyons and steep cliffs that can be seen are seen today.) What else can you expect to find in this unique area? For starters, you can plan to experience a short-grass prairie landscape, cooler temperatures (because of its unusually high elevation of 3,000 feet above sea level), and native wildlife that frequently roam the premise.

For more information on the Arikaree Breaks and popular routes to take, visit the City of St. Francis’s website.

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