25 Years Ago This Week The Unthinkable Happened In Kansas

It was a seemingly ordinary spring week in 1991. Summer vacation was fast approaching and the weather was warm and comfortable, making it a pleasant time for the state of Kansas. On April 25th, when weather forecasters predicted what could be a strong and destructive tornado outbreak through Kansas and the entire Midwest, residents were unsure of what to think; however, after living through several other storms, many decided to take the necessary precautions to keep their families safe.

Nobody could have possibly prepared themselves for the magnitude of what was to come.

On April 26, 1991, a total of 55 tornadoes broke out from Texas to Iowa. Lives were taken, homes destroyed… the damage and loss from the storm was something that not even forecasters could have predicted.

In addition to the 21 fatalities and $250M in damages, the storm left behind a chilling legacy that has been documented by both National Geographic as well as The Weather Channel.

In a now famous video recorded and released by Wichita’s KSN, reporters Ted Lewis and Greg Jarrett survive the storm by taking shelter under the Kansas Turnpike Overpass.

Did you live in Kansas during these terrifying storms? What do you remember the most?