What Lurked Beneath This Kansas Cornfield For Years Seems Impossible But Is Real

Have you ever found something strange and unexpected in one of your fields? Maybe a rare animal of some sort? A trinket that blew in with the wind? A large amount of cash? While all of that is fun and unique, I am here to burst your bubble by letting you know that it doesn’t even compare to what was discovered beneath a KCK cornfield in the late 1980s…

In 1856, a 171-foot-long river excursion paddle steamer by the name of the Arabia was traveling along the Missouri River on one of its routine trips when it hit a walnut tree snag and began to sink. Fortunately there were no fatalities from the wreck (minus a poor forgotten mule), but the boat and all of its belongings were quickly swept away in the current and forgotten over time. However, in 1987, Bob, Greg, and David Hawley figured the exact location of the lost Arabia, gained permission from landowners to excavate, and began to drill for the boat and its presumed belongings. The Arabia was found surprisingly well preserved, as were its artifacts, and can now be seen on display at the fascinating Arabia Steamboat Museum in KCMO.

Watch this short video for even more information on the history of the boat, excavation, and museum:

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