This Timeless 1920s Restaurant In Kansas Sells The Best Sliders In America

Back in the 1920s, there weren’t fast food chains on every corner. If you wanted to eat out for dinner, you either went to a diner or a fancy restaurant and you hoped the service was quick and pleasant. In 1921, White Castle started in Wichita, leading to a craze for sliders and fast food that spread across the whole country. One year after White Castle, one other 1920s restaurant in Kansas saw an opportunity to make sliders of their own, and became a local legend. The best sliders in America? We think so!

You’ll find the Cozy Inn right where it’s been for years, at

If you love eating a piece of history and you like homestyle food, you’ll love what might be the oldest still-operating restaurant in the whole state. Come have a bite sometime and tell us what you think!