11 Of The Deadliest Kansans To Ever Live

Kansas might be a nice place with mostly nice people, but we’ve had our share of rotten tomatoes. There’s a few notorious serial killers from Kansas, including the possible “I-70 killer” still at large. The ones that live today are still sitting in cells right here in Kansas. Do you think these are some of the deadliest Kansans to ever live, or have you heard of worse?

11. “The I-70 Killer” – Still At Large

Dark Minds did an episode of this unknown killer, who is believed to have committed murders in multiple states, including Kansas. He killed six different store clerks in 1992, and has yet to be found. Five of the victims were young brunette women, and one was a brunet male who, unfortunately, wore a ponytail and may have been mistaken for a woman. However, he’s also a suspect in three more shootings, (two dead, one survived) in Texas. Unless he’s died since then, he still runs free to this day.

Berny Navarro/YouTube

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