There Are 3 Times You Can Spot Mercury With The Naked Eye In Iowa During 2023

Do you love catching glimpses of celestial bodies in the open sky? Then get ready, because an exciting planetary event is coming to Iowa in 2023. While stargazing in Iowa, you can usually catch glimpses of a planet or two – but an unexpected planet will be joining the party for three days this year. January 30th, May 29th, and September 22nd are the best times to catch a glimpse of Mercury with the naked eye, as the planet closest to the sun will be at its greatest western elongation. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this planet just about anywhere with a telescope, but if you want the best view possible, you’ll want to head to one of Iowa’s best spots for stargazing.

Are you planning to go stargazing in Iowa when Mercury is in the air this year? Tell us where you’re going and how you’re going to make it a memorable event in the comments section! If you want to learn more about Iowa’s most famous observatory, you can visit the Ashton Observatory website. You can also find out more about Nine Eagles State Park on the official state website. For more unexpected adventures in 2023, check out this list of hidden gems.

Address: Nine Eagles State Park, 23678 Dale Miller Rd, Davis City, IA 50065, USA
Address: Ashton Observatory, 0122100004, Mingo, IA 50168, USA

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