A Secret Door Will Take You To An Underground Restaurant In Iowa That Was Built In 1900

Secret passageways are magical things. It was a secret door in a wardrobe that took the Pevensies to Narnia. A secret tunnel through a rabbit hole to a room full of doors began Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. And there’s even a secret passageway to a culinary adventure right here in Iowa: a hidden staircase down to what might be considered something of a secret door (especially the first time you try to find it) leading into a popular underground restaurant known as Port City Underground Pizzeria in Muscatine.

Have you ever trekked down the hidden staircase to the secret door leading into Port City Underground Pizzeria? Learn more about this unique dining venue at the Port City Underground website or Facebook page. Unique restaurant experiences in Iowa aren’t only found underground. Here’s another one-of-a-kind dining option – a barn!

Address: Port City Underground, 208 W 2nd St, Muscatine, IA 52761, USA