This Tiny Cafe And Store In Iowa Is Hidden On The Riverbank And Has Everything Your Heart Desires

The quiet riverside town of Guttenberg, Iowa doesn’t get many tourists unless they’re headed for the Cassville Car Ferry to Wisconsin. But if they’re just passing through, they’re missing out – because hidden on its riverbank is a truly unique shopping and dining destination. Not only does Sodes Green Acres Country Market and Cafe have a delicious cafe serving up Midwestern classics, but its extensive shopping options might also just have you filling up your bags before you head out of town.

Have you paid a visit to this unique country cafe/market hybrid in Guttenberg? Let us know your favorite dishes and what you shouldn’t miss in the country store. Sodes is offering new products and dishes all the time, so keep an eye on their Facebook page and website for information on the latest specials.

Address: Sodes Green Acre Country Market and Liquor Store, 7 Goethe St, Guttenberg, IA 52052, USA