20 Towns In Iowa That Have The Most Bizarre, Hilarious Names You’ll Ever See

The highlight of pretty much any road trip is driving down the road, seeing the signs for hilariously named towns. When you drive through Iowa, you’re sure to have a laugh, or scratch your head and wonder “who came up with this name, and why the heck did they decide to go with this of all things?” For your next road trip, be sure to check out these 20 bizarrely and hilariously named towns in Iowa.

Some more bizarrely named towns:

13. Correctionville: is that a type-o? No, it’s correct(ionville).

14. Andover: And over, and over…

15. Doon: Not to be confused with the 1980’s sci-fi movie “Dune.”

16. Unique: You can tell by our name that our town is unique!

17. Thirty: What’s your favorite number? Okay, now that’s your town name.

18. Last Chance: This is your last chance to pick a town name or we will make one up for you.

19. Promise City: We promise this city is cool. No, like awesome, not like the town Cool.

20. Hard Scratch: Ouch, that was a hard scratch! Hey wait… that would make a good town name, right?!


What are some more bizarrely and hilariously named towns in Iowa? Share them with us!