Every Fall, This Tiny Network Of Villages In Iowa Holds The Best Scenic Drive Festival In America

Fall is a great time in Iowa, whether you’re looking for a rockin’ Oktoberfest or want to enjoy the sight of thousands of pumpkins lining the streets. But if you want a very different type of fall festival in Iowa, head on over to the historic villages of Van Buren County. The Scenic Drive Festival isn’t so much a single festival as miles of activities, vendors, attractions, and food line the streets of these tiny villages. You can take one of the most beautiful drives in Iowa, stopping for whatever strikes your fancy, or drive all the way through and then double back to visit everything that caught your eye. Held from October 14th to 16th in Van Buren County, it’s this fall’s can’t-miss event in the Hawkeye State.

Have you been to the Scenic Drive Festival in Iowa? Let us know about your past visits, or tell us your favorite fall festival in Iowa in the comments section! If you’re planning to visit this year, make sure to visit their official website for the full itinerary. If you want a more kid-friendly festival, check out this celebration of everything pumpkin, or check here for more information on Sunrise Bakery’s famous buffet.

Address: Bentonsport, IA 52565, USA
Address: Keosauqua, IA 52565, USA
Address: Bonaparte, IA 52620, USA
Address: Birmingham, IA, USA
Address: Farmington, IA 52626, USA

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