A Renaissance Themed Festival Is Coming To Iowa And It’s Pure Magic

The Amana Colonies feel like a throwback to another era at all times, as the charming towns pay tribute to their old-world German routes. But on the second weekend of October, it transforms into something completely different. A massive renaissance faire in Iowa is coming to the town, bringing a whole host of attractions, activities, shopping, and delicious food to a huge plot of land. It’s like stepping out of modern-day Iowa and into a fantasy kingdom filled with adventure. So get your best costume on – or just come as a time traveler to the olden days – and enjoy all the Amana Renaissance Faire has to offer.

Have you been to the Amana Renaissance Faire? Let us know what you thought of this spectacular renaissance faire in Iowa in the comments section. If you want to learn more, visit the Amana Colonies’ website for all the details. Looking for more Hawkeye State events? You don’t have to go far, because the Amana Colonies also host the state’s best Oktoberfest.

Address: 27th Ave and H St, Middle Amana, IA, United States, Iowa