Millions Of Monarch Butterflies Are Headed Straight For Iowa This Spring

If you’re looking for a telltale sign of spring in Iowa, look toward the skies. When the flowers begin to bloom (and we’re not just talking daffodils!), you’ll know warm weather is on the way. Every year, in the late spring and early summer, locals get to enjoy beautiful monarch butterflies in Iowa thanks to our fields of wildflowers, milkweed, and pollinator-friendly plants. Get ready to experience a flurry of natural beauty as the butterflies begin to make their way throughout Iowa for a springtime show.

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If you’re looking for the best place to spot monarch butterflies in Iowa, visit this butterfly forest in Iowa. Otherwise, just make sure to keep an eye out when you’re outdoors, these majestic butterflies are sure to be flitting out-and-about already

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Monarch Butterflies In Iowa

April 19, 2020

What other animals migrate to Iowa in the spring?

While the butterfly migration in Iowa is a truly exciting time, there are other animals, insects, and birds to keep an eye out for migrating through the state, too. In fact, if you’re a bird-watcher in Iowa then you’ll be in luck. Every spring, a variety of birds make their way through the state in search of warmer weather and places to nest. The American woodcock, for instance, is one of the earliest migrants to come back to Iowa every year, along with a plethora of waterfowl throughout the end of April.

What are the best signs of spring in Iowa? 

Everyone starts looking for surefire signs of spring in Iowa in order to finally leave winter in the past. If you are paying attention outside, then you’ll likely find a few signs of spring without even realizing it. For instance, in Iowa, woodpeckers drumming, owls hooting, and songbirds singing are all signs that spring has come. In addition, keep an eye out for flowers beginning to blossom and more greenery on each and every tree.

How can I best enjoy nature in Iowa?

Enjoying nature in Iowa is a welcomed pastime for many, especially those who want to keep winter as a distant memory. Iowa has quite a few natural wonders that sometimes even residents don’t know exist. If you want to get outside and start exploring some of the best aspects of nature that Iowa has to offer, we recommend checking out the 10 most incredible natural wonders first.

Address: Iowa, USA