Move Over Texas, The Largest Skate Park In The Country Is Opening In Iowa And It’s Amazing

There was a time when a skateboarder had to make do with a parking lot. Or, if a skater was lucky enough to find one, an empty in-ground swimming pool.

Times have changed. Iowa skaters now have a place to go that’s not just a skatepark, but a world class skate mecca, a park that’s simply gargantuan. It’s even claiming the title as the biggest skate park in America. This place is going to be a very, very good time for Iowa’s skateboarders.

Grab your board and your helmet – here’s the scoop on Lauridsen Skatepark.

The park opens in May, 2021 and is expected to draw skateboarders from throughout the Midwest. It’s capable of holding Olympic-level competitions. Once your’e done at the skate park, here are 10 more thrilling Iowa Adventures you might want to check out.

Address: Principal River Walk, Des Moines, IA 50309, USA