Step Inside This Massive Dining Hall In Iowa For An Unforgettable Experience

Iowa’s known for having a lot of the world’s biggest things. The world’s biggest rocking chair, frying pan, and concrete garden gnome and even the world’s largest strawberry are located in the Hawkeye State – so why shouldn’t the world’s largest truck stop be here, too? With nearly 5,000 people walking through the Iowa 80 Truck Stop every single day, it’s no surprise that you’ll find an absolutely massive dining hall right in the heart of the action. Check it out!

Of course, the World’s Largest Truck Stop has more to offer than just a massive dining hall! Take the time to visit the museum, arcade, gift shop, and if you’re so inclined, the dentist, church, barber shop and movie theater. This massive truck stop is a road trip destination in itself!

You can find all of the fun at 15 Sterling Dr., Walcott, IA 52773