One of the Most Haunted Bridges in Iowa Has Been Around Since the 1800s

Iowa is a lot more than a stop on a would-be President’s itinerary. It’s home to plenty of bridges and overpasses, many of them said to be haunted. One of the state’s oldest haunted bridges, the Banwell Bridge near Fort Dodge, is so old that no one is certain when it was built.

Like many mysteries, this haunted bridge has a few names. It was first known as Tara Bridge, named for a nearby town no longer in existence. Locals sometimes refer to it as Terror Bridge, but officially, it’s called Banwell Bridge. Bridgehunter, a national database of historic bridges, calls it the decidedly unthreatening “220th Street Overpass” and describes it as a “pony truss bridge.”

Is this bridge actually haunted? Old structures carry a lot of history, some of it frightening even if it’s mostly legend. Still, there’s no question that railroad work has always been dangerous. People understandably feel nervous when they’re around places with tragic histories.

These days, driving over any Iowa bridge can be dangerous. Iowa Rep. Abby Finkenauer warns on her Facebook page that Iowa leads the nation in “structurally deficient bridges.” It may be safest to view the Tara/Banwell/Terror Bridge from a distance!

Address: 220th St, Fort Dodge, IA, USA