The Homemade Goods From This Dutch Store In Iowa Are Worth The Drive To Get Them

What prompts you to head to the mall for a shopping spree? Is it the urge to shop for some new clothes? Maybe you need some fresh home decor. Or maybe you’re just going to browse the shelves and sales. But here’s something you’re likely not heading to the mall to find: a famous Iowa Dutch bakery. Not unless you’re heading specifically to Centre Mall in downtown Sioux City, Iowa for your mall shopping spree, that is. Then, odds are high that you’ll wind up with at least a few Dutch goodies from Casey’s Bakery in your shopping bags (and belly) before it’s all said and done!

To learn more about Casey’s Bakery’s products, prices, and hours of operation, visit them on the web here or on Facebook here. Love Dutch bakeries?  The award-winning Van Hemert’s Dutch Oven Bakery is also worth a trip to Boone or Ames!

Address: Casey's Bakery Inc, 251 N Main Ave STE 301, Sioux Center, IA 51250, USA