Route 20 Practically Runs Through All Of Iowa And It’s A Beautiful Drive

Iowa is a great place for a scenic drive, with opportunities to go from east to west or from north to south, and that’s not even talking about its fantastic backroads. But if you want to drive Iowa’s most historic road, why not take a long drive down Iowa’s section of the cross-country Route 20? Taking you from one end of the state to another, you’ll find beautiful sights and charming attractions as you see Iowa the way drivers have been seeing it for almost a hundred years.

Have you taken the drive down Iowa’s Route 20? Let us know about your road trip through Iowa and all your favorite stops in the comments section. If you’re looking for a slightly more relaxing Iowa road trip, why not take a drive down Iowa’s quietest road?

Address: U.S. 20, US-20, Dubuque, IA, USA
Address: Sergeant Floyd Monument, 2601 S Lewis Blvd, Sioux City, IA 51103, USA
Address: World's Largest Popcorn Ball, 1300 W Main St, Sac City, IA 50583, USA