The Most Delicious Bakery Is Hiding Inside This Unassuming Iowa Gas Station

There’s a lot of road ahead of you to get from one side of Iowa to the other, and that means plenty of stops at gas stations. If you’re tired of stocking up on standard convenience store foods or having to make a separate stop for lunch, Smitty’s Fuel and Food in the tiny town of Defiance has you covered. Between a convenient gas station, a cafe with delicious standards and specials, and a bakery filled with indulgent sweets and treats, you’ll definitely want to make a stop at this gas station as you approach Iowa’s western border.

Have you filled the tank at Smitty’s Fuel and Food before? Let us know your favorite baked goods and lunches in the comments section. Make sure to visit their Facebook page to find out about their daily specials. Looking for another one-of-a-kind Iowa gas station? Check out this gas station with some of the state’s best burgers.

Address: Smitty's Fuel and Food, 613 Main Ave, Defiance, IA 51527, USA