Hunt For Wayward Spirits At Indiana’s Spooky Bridgewater Cemetery

You know, as Hoosiers, we’re pretty tough. We can handle the spiciest food in the Midwest, we can hike the longest trails, and we can come face-to-face with some of the creepiest things in the known universe. Indiana has its fair share of creepy, allegedly haunted places, and more than a handful of them are cemeteries. Enter the old Bridgewater Cemetery, in Scottsburg. Would you dare explore one of the creepiest places in Indiana? We think you should…at your own risk.

Editor’s Note: Please remember to be mindful when visiting any Indiana cemetery. These are places that hold history for many families and should be respected at all times.

Due to recent vandalism and other bad actors, the address of the cemetery is not publicly available. However, if you ever find yourself in Scott County, you might be able to learn where it is from locals who are eager to help newcomers get spooked.

What do you think? Do you believe in the ghostly legends of Bridgewater Cemetery? Have you ever experienced anything strange? Tell us your spookiest stories in the comments!

Address: Scottsburg, IN 47170, USA