What could be better than an entire road trip dedicated to the best ice cream in Indiana? Answer: nothing. Ice cream is a dessert staple for most people and indulging in a delicious sundae or cone can make all the difference in the world. In this particular road trip through Indiana, we decided to focus on the southern part of the state, just to make the road trip much more concise. With seven different stops along the way to check out and just over 3 hours of total drive time, get ready for the ultimate ice cream adventure.

Follow along with this ice cream trail via Google Maps. The entire trip takes approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes.


So, what do you think about indulging in some of the best ice cream in Indiana? Maybe you live further north? If so, then you should be checking out the epic ice cream trail featuring northern Indiana hotspots. We guarantee you that there is more than enough ice cream to go around.

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Best Ice Cream In Indiana

What is the most famous ice cream shop in Indiana?

While we featured some of the best ice cream shops in Indiana on the southern side of the state, there are still plenty of ice cream places throughout the rest of the state serving up some delicious dessert treats. For instance, one of the most famous ice cream spots in Indiana, known as Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream, has a few locations for you to choose from. While a lot of people come for the burgers, they end up staying for the delicious ice cream options.

Where can I find the best desserts in Indiana?

There are quite a few places in Indiana serving up some truly unique dessert options. For example, The Flying Cupcake in central Indiana offers up a deliciously whimsical take on a childhood favorite. Meanwhile, The General American Donut Co. in Indianapolis showcases some truly inventive donuts. For a list of the 10 most unique dessert options in Indiana, click here.

Can I visit any drive-thru ice cream parlors in Indiana?

Sometimes the effort it takes to drive to the ice cream parlor is enough, and getting out of the car to indulge in the sweet treat just seems like more hassle than it’s worth. It’s times like these when you should focus your efforts on takeout ice cream in Indiana. A few of the more popular options for drive-thru ice cream in Indiana include Budges Drive-In in Lafayette and Sycamore Drive-In in De Motte. Frosty Boy Drive-In in Palestine is another delicious gem, too!

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