Some People In Indiana Consider This Undeniable Proof Bigfoot Exists

Bigfoot is a legendary ape-like creature that is believed to inhabit forested areas. Sasquatch is another name commonly used to refer to this mysterious beast. Most scientists believe Bigfoot is nothing more than a myth that can be explained by folklore, hoaxes, and misidentification. Did you know that there are supposedly Bigfoots living in Indiana? In fact, there are Bigfoot sightings in the state of Indiana just about every single year!

According to a news report, the most recent sighting of Bigfoot in the state of Indiana happened on October 10, 2015. A hunter who has chosen to remain anonymous claimed he was almost killed by a Bigfoot. Apparently, there was another sighting in the same state forest in Martinsville claiming to see a Bigfoot 41 years earlier. Could it be the same creature?

For your entertainment/information, I found this neat video of a Bigfoot sighting you should definitely check out!

Did you know there is a website called Indiana Bigfoot Reports where you can read about some of these sightings? While they happen all across the state, Brown County and Terre Haute appear to be the main “homes” of these creatures. Reports and sightings also suggest the fall and spring seasons are when you are more likely to see this one of the beasts.

What do you think? Is there a Bigfoot lurking around the Hoosier state? Are all of these people crazy? Tell me about it in the comments!