The Crazy One-Of-A-Kind Store You’ll Only Find In Indiana

We love to shop locally here in the Hoosier state and have some pretty nifty stores worth checking out. Sometimes, though, there’s a storefront that makes you do a double-take. This unique one-of-a-kind store in Indiana is incredible to behold, and you won’t believe where it’s hiding. Let’s have a look at Storybook Express in Indiana:

Did you know this one-of-a-kind store existed in Indiana? If you’ve been to Storybook Express in Indiana, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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Address: Storybook Express Drive Thru, 316 E Sycamore St, Kokomo, IN 46901, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Storybook Express In Indiana

July 30, 2021

Where can I find a general store in Indiana?

Sometimes there’s nothing quite as charming as a general store, and those who live in the Hoosier State are lucky enough to have many. Located in Bridgeton, Collom’s General Store is one of the oldest stores in the entire state. First opened in 1879, you can buy groceries, enjoy live entertainment, and grab an excellent meal while you’re here. The interior is simple and will take you back in time. In Leavenworth, you can find Stephenson’s General Store which has been around for over 100 years. Set up as an old-fashioned general store, you can find a variety of items from groceries to gifts, old-fashioned candy, and more.

What are some of the most whimsical places in Indiana?

Mayberry Cafe in Danville is a whimsical restaurant that’s themed around “The Andy Griffith Show.” Here you can enjoy home-cooked food while enjoying photos and other memorabilia from the show. If you love tea then you must visit Tina’s Traditional, a British tea room with all the whimsy of Victorian times. Come in for the high tea where you can enjoy pastries and finger sandwiches along with your delicious English tea.

What are some of the most unusual places in Indiana?

Located in Indianapolis, Healer is an unusual mix of art and music and occupies a former strip mall that was once filled with offices. Now it’s been transformed into a place where you can enjoy eclectic art, live music, and have a few drinks from the bar. Did you know that you can find a grave in the middle of the road in Johnson County? Upon her request, the grave of Nancy Kerlin was placed atop a hill in the 1800s. Approximately 100 years later, the county built a road right by the gravesite. You can read more about the fascinating gravesite in this post.

Address: Storybook Express Drive Thru, 316 E Sycamore St, Kokomo, IN 46901, USA