The Tiny Town Near Indianapolis With The Most Scrumdiddilyumptious Restaurants

Sometimes, a restaurant’s food is so good that’s it’s worth traveling for. When you’re looking for a day trip to some fantastic restaurants outside of Indianapolis, consider taking the hour-long trip to the small town of Attica. Located just a few miles west of Lafayette, you’ll find this town of just 3,200 people. But don’t judge a book by its cover: Attica is home to four amazing restaurants that will make the trip worthwhile.

You’ll find plenty of small towns outside of Indianapolis, but you won’t find too many with this selection of highly-rated restaurants. What are some other towns outside of Indianapolis that you go to for delicious food?

Address: 606 S Council St Attica, IN 47918
Address: 225 11th St Covington, IN 47932
Address: 405 E Jackson St Attica, IN 47918
Address: 109 W Main St Attica, IN 47918