These 8 Haunted Cemeteries in Indiana Are Not For the Faint of Heart

There are plenty of haunted places in Indiana for Hoosiers daring enough to check them out (like this haunted road trip). Some particularly creepy places, however, are haunted cemeteries. In case you aren’t aware of Indiana’s haunted cemeteries, we’ve recapped some of the top contenders.

If you’d like to visit these haunted cemeteries, check out this Google map:

Indiana Haunted Cemeteries

1. Stepp Cemetery – Martinsville

There are many versions to this haunted cemetery’s legend, but all are pretty chilling. Each version of this legend claims a woman looks over a grave site (the legends vary on whose grave site this is), haunting the cemetery all night long. Many claim she can be found sitting on a tree strump, cloaked in darkness, protecting the grave of her loved one.

2. Crown Hill Cemetery – Indianapolis

This cemetery has a lot of fame from its alleged haunting and paranormal sightings. It’s the site of many famous leaders’ burials, as well as the legendary John Dillinger. There are many rumors circulating about why this spot has so much paranormal activity. Research unearthed that Community Hill (section 37 of this cemetery) is a mass grave site where nearly 700 neglected orphans were buried in the early 1900s. Other stories regarding dogs noticing spirits and soldiers haunting this cemetery abound. Some claim this is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country.

3. Ewald Cemetery – Bremen

This is one of the most chilling of the Indiana haunted cemeteries. Also known as the “Little Egypt Cemetery,” the paranormal activity here is spooky. One legend claims that if you toss a nickel on the tombstone of one of the cemetery’s babies, you’ll hear the baby cry. You’ll know which grave when you spot other nickels around the perimeter.

4. Mount Hope Cemetery – Logansport

As one of the most haunted cemeteries and places in northern Indiana, Mount Hope has quite a reputation. Rumors of hearing horses galloping upon entering the cemetery are quite common. Other claim if you whistle throughout the cemetery, spirits will whistle back to you. Pretty creepy…

5. Hays Cemetery – Wilkinson

This cemetery has a pretty scary history. Most rumors claim that bodies were frequently dug up here to be used in satanic rituals, leading to some pretty paranormal events. The most famous rumor here revolves around a plant that grow in the shape of a pitchfork over a baby’s grave. Legend claims this child was a demon or devil, and that to this day the plant still grows and retains its pitchfork-like appearance.

6. 100 Steps Cemetery – Brazil

This is definitely one of the creepiest, most haunted cemeteries in the country and certainly not for the faint of heart. Visitors will find 100 steps here to walk up; but walk at your own risk! Legend tells us that once you reach the 100th stair, the ghost of a former undertaker will appear and show you exactly how you will one day die…

7. Batson Cemetery – Warren

In Warren, many claim this little cemetery has some strange going-ons. The strangest of these is linked to the disappearing stones. These stones are stepping stones (and allegedly not headstones), and visitors claim there are 13 when you enter, but only 12 when you leave…

8. Justus Cemetery – Oxford

This haunted cemetery’s tale began when railroad travel was at its peak. White figures and ghosts often appeared to railroad crew members, causing many to request transfers. While many believe the ghost often referred to here was an elaborate prank, others are believers, insisting the cemetery (and nearby water tower) are littered with ghostly spirits.

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