10 Arcades In Indiana Where You Can Go To Get Your Game On

Neon lights, catchy music, incredible high scores, and the smell of nachos, hot dogs, and pizza at the concession stands. This is just the tip of what draws people to arches. In the state of Indiana, there are several of them for you to explore. For example, there’s a makeshift pinball arcade that makes an appearance once a year at 1043 Virginia Avenue. Here are some incredible arcades in Indiana you are going to want to check out.

Whether you have children or not, arcade games are a lot of fun. I’m very much an adult, but that would not stop me from going to an arcade and having a good time. Here are just 10 places for you to go and play some games. Keep in mind, this list is not all of the options. Before you jump my throat about not including someone – I have to be able to punch in Google and find a website with pictures in order to use them and some of the arcades just DO NOT come up with you do research. You are ALWAYS welcomed to suggest stuff that should be added to the piece. Please share this with your friends!