There’s Something Truly Incredible About This One Cemetery In Illinois

Generally, people avoid cemeteries unless they have to be in them. Or else, they are in there seeking out ghosts. But would you believe that there is a cemetery in Illinois that people willingly go to? We’re talking about Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. It’s one of the most interesting and gorgeous places in Illinois. It’s historic and been a place people have visited since 1860. More than just a cemetery, it is actually a certified arboretum. It is a place for art, architecture and horticulture. Even the mausoleums are absolutely stunning. This is definitely in the style of a 19th century early graveyard.

This serene place is the final resting place to many famous Illinois people, like politicians, industrialists and athletes. It is not strange at all to see people taking walks and tours through the cemetery. In fact, it is encouraged. Notable features are the Getty Tomb and Palmer mausoleum. Bring a camera, because there is so much to see here.

Have you ever been to this cemetery? What did you think?