There’s A Natural Water Slide Hiding In Illinois And You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

Everyone loves a good waterfall. They’re gorgeous to admire from afar. But sometimes people get impatient and just have to jump in. Now, there are waterfalls you can swim in. But some people take this to the extreme. Case in point: Ferne Clyffe State Park. The park houses a few waterfalls. One waterfall in particular has been the subject of extreme activity. People have actually ridden down this waterfall. The way the rocks lay make it like a water slide. If this actually was a ride, it’d be pretty great. Here are a few pics of the park. It’s beautiful.

You won’t even believe this natural water slide. Again, we highly recommend NOT attempting this. It is incredibly dangerous. That doesn’t mean people haven’t attempted it.

Check out some waterfalls from a distance. Here’s a list to get you started.