Hiking To This Aboveground Cave In Illinois Will Give You A Surreal Experience

You might not think that Illinois has much in the way of caves, but there is one cave that will truly blow you away: Cave in Rock. It is located in Cave in Rock, a sleepy town in southern Illinois. The cave is within a state park with camping and hiking opportunities. This cave has been no secret over the years, as it has been home to bandits and pirates over the years. Some of its most infamous residents were the Harpe Brothers, with 40 murders under their belts. Another was Samuel Mason, the leader of a gang of river pirates.

But when you visit the cave, you can see why it might have been home to such notorious people. You are right off of the scenic Ohio River, so the location is premium. And the cave is huge. The mouth of the cave is 55 feet across. It was formed during the Wisconsin Ice Age. You can hike into the cave, which is gorgeous in itself. But we really recommend the view of the Ohio River from the cave. It’s truly breathtaking! Here are some awesome photos of what you will see at Cave in Rock.

Have you been here? What did you think?